by Mojo Mayne


The Mainstreem Minority Ownership 5%


Consider the prospect of possessing a stake in Facebook, Netflix, Google, Yahoo, or other such entities before they attained their current status as cultural juggernauts. Now, envision yourself presented with a comparable opportunity at present. The Mainstreem is a digital marketplace that offers a diverse range of content. Currently in development, it is a novel storefront that will feature music, movies, books, and NFTs. It will serve as a platform for content creators to manage their releases and track purchases, thereby enabling users to peruse the latest and exclusive titles from their favorite creators. The Mainstreem also boasts a subscriber base, with numerous benefits for both subscribers and content creators. It is poised to remain at the forefront of technology and creativity, as the individuals behind The Mainstreem possess a deep understanding of the creative process. This is a game-changing idea that promises continuous rewards, and there is no comparable offer currently available. (As the proprietor of a interest, it is incumbent upon you to assume responsibility for your ownership portion. Consequently, it will be your responsibility to allocate any percentage of ownership that is transferred.)

Featured Music

Marketplace Features

Custom NFT Creation

Create NFTs with a wide range of custom features.


Multi Level Royalties

Allow multiple people t earn royalties from your NFT.


Updateable Royalties

Allow people to buy and become part of list of royalty receivers from your NFT.


Monthly NFT Pool Rewards