List of NFT Marketplace features

Profile Creation and Customization

Users profile is automatically created when they connect their wallet for the first time they can further customize their profile by heading to the profile page and entering a username, short bio, profile image, profile banner, email and other social media links.

Collection Creation

Users can create their own collection from the platform and then create NFTs for that collection. User must enter the collection name, symbol, logo image, thumbnail image, banner image, description and links to any social media sites.

NFT Creation

Users can create NFTs they have a wide variety of features at their disposal such as splitting the payment between two addresses, putting royalties (upto 50%) on the NFT, free minting, multi layer royalties (splitting royalties between multiple receivers), adding the NFT to a collection, making the contents of the NFT unlockable (so only the owner of the NFT can actually see the NFT).

NFT Sale

Users can put their NFTs on sale for any price.

Burn Token

The owner of the NFT can also burn the NFT.

Transfer Token

Users can transfer their NFT to another address.

Split Payment

Users can split payment between multiple addresses.

Free Minting

Users can mint NFTs for free i.e. create NFTs for free without having to pay for gas fee.

Unlockable Content

Users can mark their NFT as unlockable content while creating the NFT so only once someone owns the NFT can they actually see its contents.


Users can put royalties upto 50% on their NFTs for passive earning.

Multi-Layer Royalties

Users can split royalties between multiple addresses.

Updateable Royalties

If an NFT has both split payment and royalties enabled, then a person that has purchased the NFT can also add themselves to the list of royalty receivers for that NFT each NFT that has both royalties and split payment available can only add upto 100 royalty receivers.