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Mainstream NFT Minority Ownership

The Mainstream

Imagine owning a piece of Facebook, Netflix Google, Or Yahoo, etc. Before they were ever the mega behemoths they are now in pop culture! Now imagine yourself with that same opportunity right now.
The Mainstreem is a digital market place for various content. The Mainstreem is in development. It is a new store front that will house music, movies, books, plus NFT’s.
It is where content creators will be able to manage their releases, track purchases, thus allowing the users to browse all of their favorite content creator’s new, and exclusive titles. It is subscriber base as well. With several perks for our subscribers, and content creators. The Mainstreem is for sure going to stay in the forefront of technology, and creativity. The people behind The Mainstreem understand creativity. Because we are all creators here, and we get it!
FYI Talk about good ideas this IS a game changer that will reward you continuously! In addition, there is no other deal out there like it now!!
Whats Included is 5% per sale-per subscription, an Authenticated Certificate with the percentage amount included A Wall Plaque representing your silent partnership, and honoring your NFT

Special Features

Custom NFT Creation

Create NFTs with a wide range of custom features.

Multi Level Royalties

Allow your whole team to receive royalties from a single NFT.

Updateable Royalties

Allow people to buy and become part of list of people to receive royalties from that NFT.

Monthly NFT Pool Rewards